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BrieAnn Battle, a mother from Los Angeles, is demanding answers and accountability from Kinder Kids Christian Preschool after a disturbing video emerged showing an employee roughly handling her 4-year-old son. The surveillance footage from March 14 reveals the employee grabbing the boy’s arms, pinning him to the ground by his wrists and dangling him upside down by his ankles.

Battle told local news station ABC 7 that she was “distraught” upon viewing the video, which was shown to her by another preschool employee. She immediately contacted the school’s owner to arrange a meeting and discuss her son’s treatment. Despite attempting to give the owner the “benefit of the doubt” and have a serious “mother-to-mother, woman-to-woman” discussion, Battle reported that the owner denied everything, which she found “sickening.”

The owner even went as far as showing Battle a different video of her son being treated correctly by the same employee which the mother believes was an attempted coverup.

“The owner-operator showed me the clip from when she took him out into the foyer, and that’s when he was giving her a lot of activity so she thought that was going to be, I guess, a better angle,” Battle explained.

Battle has since filed a police report accusing the daycare of harming her child and is pursuing legal action against the school. The employee who reportedly mistreated Battle’s son has resigned according to a statement from Kinder Kids Christian Preschool. However, Battle argues that the owner’s attempted coverup should have consequences, stating, “For that matter, she doesn’t need to be taking care of anybody else’s kids, and her license needs to be revoked.”

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